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Joseph Rupp

Hi, I'm Joseph Rupp. As a coach, I focus on accelerating performance. I offer expertise in how to imagine, create and sustain individual and team transformation. I have spent three decades at two Fortune 100 companies building organizations, sometimes from the ground up, to create new businesses and services in sales and operations.


From all those experiences, I offer multiple coaching and presentation tracks, each focused on different topics.


In Sugar High Motivation, I present a foundational growth program I created after both years of study and getting results in the companies I worked for. Programs tied to Sugar High Motivation can be scaled to your needs from an hour presentation to half and full day programs. In SHM, I focus on the 6 critical steps every individual and organization must master to truly and consciously achieve their goals. Think of the whole framework as a Goal Accelerator!

Sugar High Motivation is also a Membership Site with three distinct offerings.


The Motivation Lab delivers weekly content designed to inspire, motivate and facilitate learning.

Sugar High Motivation Community includes The Motivation Lab as well as weekly coaching and access to Challenges like the 3 Day Dream Start focusing on how to Crystallize, Visualize and Actualize.


That means Crystalize your Goals 

Visualize the Outcomes Clearly

Make it happen by taking Inspired Action

I also provide the Video Course, Imagine Action, a Seven Module discovery into the 6 steps that will accelerate any goal achievement.   

Putting Business on the Map includes a package of thematic presentations tied to topics ranging from team performance, change leadership and organizational development.


Each presentation follows unique cultural, musical, athletic or business events happening in a world city at unique times and offers entertaining and profound lessons.  

As an executive with MetLife, I created a unique coaching and performance system to inspire and energize my teams. I pioneered an associate led development program we called Develop U, designed to maximize every individual’s talents. The outcome was not solely focused on individual development, but how a team becomes a learning organization. 


I also spearheaded a groundbreaking effort to reinvent the corporate Sales Model, Leading with Insights, based upon modern neuroscience and persuasion methods. Our team created everything from the sales model steps to the content maps and scripts to the functioning support website.


I combine elements from each of these experiences in addition to years of creating high performance to deliver Sugar High Motivation and Putting Business on the Map. ​

I hold degrees in Philosophy, English Literature and an MBA, all from the University of Southern California (U.S.C.)

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