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 Four Presentation Tracts  

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Putting Business On the Map

A collection of entertaining lessons at the intersection of history, music, culture, sports and business. Hamburg tells the story of the Beatles residency in Hamburg, Germany from August 1960 to New Years Eve 1962, a year before Beatlemania and the British Invasion hit American shores. We continue with similar presentations tied to world cities from Zurich to Seattle.

Joseph Rupp's Sugar High Motivation

What does modern neuroscience, Yogic meditation methods and performance research have in common? Sugar High Motivation combines lessons from all three to create a powerful and purpose driven program. I present on this at both the individual and company level.

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Lessons in Leadership

Based on a series of articles written for from my time leading organizations, I explore issues ranging from leadership to evidence of humanity at work.

A History of Inspiration

Beethoven. Churchill. Gandhi. Didriksen. Robinson. Rudolph. Joyce. Alexander. Baldwin. Angelou. Dickens. Brahms. 

A selection of biographical vignettes on the most inspirational moments in history tied together in a series of epiphanies.  

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